Limited Company Conveyancer Panel - Fixed Fee Schedule

Legal representation

Any limited company application would need to select a solicitor from our Limited company Buy to Let Conveyancer panel. Please view our panel here.

Alternatively, an applicant can use their own solicitor, provided they meet our criteria. However, we’ll instruct one of the solicitors from the Limited company Buy to Let Conveyancer panel and the applicant will be liable for both sets of fees.

Joint representation (lender and customer)

In any case where the customer selects joint legal representation, their conveyancer must be selected from our approved panel of conveyancers who’ll act on behalf of us and the customer. The customer will incur the following fees which the customer will need to pay. The below fees are ALL subject to the payment of VAT at the going rate.

Loan size/purchase price of property whichever is greater Freehold Leasehold
Remortgage Purchase Remortgage Purchase
£0-150K £875 £975 £1025 £1175
£150k-£300k £875 £1025 £1025 £1225
£300k-350k £975 £1125 £1125 £1325
£350k-£400k £975 £1225 £1125 £1525
£400k-£500k £1075 £1325 £1275 £1725
£500k-£600k £1175 £1525 £1375 £1925
£600k-£700k £1275 £1725 £1475 £2125
£700k-£800k £1475 £1975 £1625 £2425
£800k-£900k £1675 £2025 £1875 £2525
£900-£999k £1875 £2275 £2075 £2725

Sole representation (lender only)

Any cases that require separate legal representation for us will incur the same fees as set out in the table above less 10% in each case which the client will need to pay.

Additional fixed fees (as applicable):

The below fees are ALL subject to the payment of VAT at the going rate.

  • Directors Personal Guarantees - £50 (per guarantee)
  • ILA for corporates - £175 (per Director)
  • Electronic payments - £40
  • Electronic check of Directors ID - £25
  • Drafting Board Resolutions - £50
  • Checking Tenancy Agreements - £50 (per AST)
  • Drafting resolution to amend the articles and amending the articles where there is a sole director - £250
  • Additional titles relating to the same property - £250
  • New build property - £350
  • Stamp duty online form (standard company BTL purchase only) - £75

Disbursements will be payable for relevant searches, Land Registry costs, Companies House costs, Stamp Duty Land Tax (where applicable) as well as postage and printing.

The above fees are only for the work requested to register our security on a standard limited company buy-to-let transaction (which is neither protracted or requires to be expedited) in accordance with the UK Finance Mortgage Lender’s Handbook, any special conditions contained in the mortgage offer and the Companies Act 2006 (as amended).

The list of additional fees is not an exhaustive list. If the borrower requires any additional work to be undertaken which is not included in the additional fees listed above, the fee(s) for those items must be separately negotiated with the selected firm.

Loan/purchase instructions that do not proceed to completion, will be charged in an amount commensurate to the work done as at the time the matter becomes abortive.

There may be some circumstances where joint representation may not be appropriate.

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