Support for the self-employed


At Precise Mortgages we understand the difficulties that the self-employed face when trying to get a mortgage, our expertise in this field allows us to offer solutions to help your self-employed customers get the home or property they want. We hope that our latest campaign will raise awareness to help you and your customers. Read on to discover interesting market facts, research findings and solutions.

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1Self-employed workers in the UK - 2014 2Labour market statistics – accessed 27.10 3Precise Mortgages’- Mortgage Voice Report

Support for the self-employed

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In these difficult times we won’t be publishing SLAs but we will be working on applications and documents as quickly as we can.

As soon as we start to see processes stabilise we will publish SLAs.

We expect to be able to process all applications and documents within 72 hours but valuations may take a little longer.

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