OSB Group boosts national broker support following successful pilot with office based BDM team


OSB Group, one of the leading specialist lenders, has announced the launch of a new office based BDM team, under the direction of Simon Cockerill, Head of Intermediary Sales Development.

The team of 10, who have all been recruited internally and therefore already equipped with a vast range of knowledge and expertise, will be supporting the 16 field based BDMs covering Precise Mortgages and Kent Reliance for Intermediaries, as well as providing another direct communication route for brokers. Team contact details can be found via the “BDM Finder” on the relevant lender website.

The launch follows on from a number of broker support initiatives announced recently, in line with the Group’s focus on enhancing broker support, both in the quality and quantity of broker interactions into and out of the business.

OSB Group instigated a 6 month pilot scheme across the North of England which was earmarked due to the size and landscape of the region. During the initial 6 weeks alone, office based BDMs covered over 960 interactions with brokers, including inbound and outbound calls and virtual meetings.

Early results have shown an increase in broker satisfaction as well as a welcome support for the field based BDM team who will work in tandem with the office based BDM team to provide a combined and holistic approach.

Simon Cockerill, Head of Intermediary Sales Development, OSB Group commented: “We’re always looking at how we can best support brokers and my goal was to ensure consistent levels of support could be accessed by brokers nationwide, regardless of location. This is where we can really utilise our office based BDMs, who complement our already very successful field based team.

Conducting the pilot in a large area with varying remoteness has provided us with unique insight in that brokers felt that office based BDMs improved their experience and the results have been extremely promising. Rolling out this initiative nationally, so that the majority of postcodes have both a field and office BDM, means we can deliver on supporting brokers with their top requirement which is accessibility to answer pre-application enquiries.”

Paul Bass, Director at Prolific Mortgage Finance said: “The pandemic has completely changed the way in which people work and we’ve seen just how effective and timesaving virtual meetings can be alongside traditional Field BDM support. Being able to get in touch with a knowledgeable office based BDM that can answer any question when we need them is key to the service we provide our customers.

This is another clear indication that the OSB Group have their finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding what brokers need and their level of support, experience and knowledge is unparalleled”

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