Refurbishment Buy to Let

Maximise rental yield and increase capital value with Refurbishment Buy to Let

Our Refurbishment Buy to Let product is designed to help landlords maximise rental yields by refurbishing the target property before they rent it out. The product brings together the flexibility of Bridging Finance with an exit onto a long-term Buy to Let Mortgage once the work has been completed. Not only does this give landlords the peace of mind that they have an exit, they can also rest assured that the price of the Buy to Let loan at offer will be the price they get on completion (providing there are no changes and the property meets the expected valuation following refurbishment).

  • Download our Complete Guide to Refurbishment Buy to Let
  • One application form will produce two offers, one for the Bridge and one for the Buy to Let
  • One expert underwriter from start to finish
  • The same valuer for both the initial valuation and the re-inspection (where possible)
  • One conveyancer and discounted legal fees
  • No mortgage repayments are required whilst the refurbishment works are being completed
  • Two procuration fees – one for the Bridge and one for the Buy to Let Mortgage
  • Landlords can borrow up to 75% LTV on the Bridge and up to 75% of the post works valuation on the Buy to Let Mortgage helping to optimise cash flow
  • Bridging rates start from 0.47% per month and Buy to Let Mortgage rates from 3.14%, click here to view our full product range.

Refurbishment Buy to Let Calculator

Our simple two-step calculator will indicate to you how our Refurbishment Buy to Let product works. Click here to view.

  • The first step will give an indication of the costs of the Bridging loan including the gross loan amount that will need to be repaid at the end of the term
  • The second step will give you an indication of the costs of the Buy to Let Mortgage to be used to repay the bridging loan including any additional funds that the landlord would like to borrow at that time.

Refurbishment Buy to Let forms

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