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Introducing our new joint Head of Sales - Precise Mortgages and Kent Reliance for Intermediaries

Alan Kimber

Alan Kimber - Head of Sales – Precise Mortgages and Kent Reliance for Intermediaries

Published 19.04.2022

Hi, I’m Alan Kimber, and together with James Forth we’ll be leading our new dual-branded team of business development managers (BDMs). I’m responsible for those BDMs based primarily in the south of the country, while James will be looking after those in the north.

It’s all part of an exciting merger of the two brands’ sales forces into a single team which I believe creates one of the best sales structures in the market.

If you missed the blog from a few weeks ago, in a nutshell the restructure brings together the experience, knowledge and skills from both teams so we can make the service we provide to you and your customers even better.

Going forwards, 16 field-based BDMs, 10 office-based BDMs and seven specialist finance account managers will be serving both brands, supporting you through a combination of face-to-face meetings, telephony support, video conferencing and webchat.

The new set-up means the BDMs now have smaller patches to look after, so they’ll be able to get to you quicker if you’d prefer to speak with them in person. You should by now have received an email telling you who your BDM is and how you can contact them.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been working for Kent Reliance for Intermediaries for more than 10 years now in a variety of positions, first as a BDM in Central London, then as a regional sales manager and finally as national sales manager.

Following KRFI’s combination with CCFS in 2019, we’ve undergone massive expansion and are now one of the largest specialist lenders in the market, something which brings all of the benefits of being a bigger, better and stronger organisation.

I’m proud to be leading a sales team which was named Best BDM Team at the Mortgage Strategy Awards in 2021, and it’s a real privilege and honour to work with such a talented, experienced and knowledgeable bunch.

I’m excited about the future of the team and I’m looking forward to us being able to provide you and your customers with exceptional levels of service and support.

To find out more, or if you’ve got any questions, speak with a member of our sales team, call our dedicated intermediary support team on 0800 116 4385 or contact us via Live Chat.


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