Buy to Let Mortgages



We are one of the the top 20 buy to let lenders in the UK and offer an extensive range of buy to let mortgages suitable for professional, first time landlords and consumer buy to let.

In addition to our core buy to let range we have a range to support Limited Companies and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Our consumer buy to let offering is suited to customers that only have one buy to let property and didn’t purchase that property to let (e.g. inherited it or originally purchased it to live in).

Range highlights

  • NEW! tier 1 lifetime tracker maximum loan size increased to £3 million
  • up to 80% LTV
  • 2, 5 and 10 year fixed rate products available
  • no bank statements required in tier 1 products
  • 2 year and Lifetime trackers available
  • rental calculation at 125% of pay or revert rate, whichever is higher
  • pensions as income and withdrawals as a deposit accepted
  • no minimum income requirements on properties under £1million
  • maximum term 35 years
  • max age 80 years at the date of application

Key criteria

Click here to view the buy to let mortgages criteria guide for further information

Who is this range for?

  • first time landlords
  • experienced or retired landlords looking to extend their portfolio
  • consumer buy to let
  • self-employed landlords with 1 year’s accounts
  • landlords with high quality properties with a low rental yield
  • landlords looking to purchase a new build property

Packager Panel

Let our Packager Panel do the work for you.

You can submit a residential or buy to let mortgage to us direct or alternatively you can introduce a case to one of our packagers.

Contact one of our packagers direct today.

LIBOR Trackers and the Reversion Rate

LIBOR Trackers and the reversion rate are variable rates that are linked to 3 month LIBOR and will change quarterly on 12 March, 12 June, 12 September, 12 December. Please note if this date falls on a non-working day then the LIBOR rate will be taken on the previous working day.

All of our LIBOR tracker products have a floor. This means that if LIBOR were to fall to 0.00% or less the rate payable will be 0.00% plus the agreed set percentage above LIBOR. This means that the rate payable will never go below 0.00% plus the additional percentage rate of the tracker mortgage.

For intermediary use only
BBR 0.25% / 3 month LIBOR 0.38%